10 things to do to reach your full potential

There are several obvious steps you can do to be more efficient and be as best as you can be. The key is to remove any distractions. Here is a list of things you should consider if this is your goal.

  1. Stop drinking coffee, tea, using tobacco, drugs and alcohol. These make you weak and stupid.
  2. Start exercising and use your body. A strong mind lives in a strong body.
  3. Think about everything in terms of something positive. The present is all you've got, the past is gone and who knows about the future. Don't be afraid to die.
  4. Get good, healthy, deep sleep. Maintain a rythm.
  5. Eat healthy food. Increase intake of raw meat and frequently hydrate with unpasteurized grass fed mountain milk. Reduce intake of plants, chemicals, processed food and sugar.
  6. Stop following news. Mainstream media and conspiracy theories just makes you stressed and scared.
  7. Don't listen to mainstream music or watch bad movies or series. It's just a waste of time and full of subliminal messages perpetuating a rotten value system.
  8. Be social. Go out, meet people, talk to people, enjoy spending time with other travelers.
  9. Make other people happy and be polite, friendly and smile and laugh. Always.
  10. Quit your job. Device alternatives on how to survive. Need less than want more. Don't own stuff.

If you can do all of the above over an extended period of time you will be in a much better position to overcome the hurdles of life. Guaranteed. Believe in yourself and just do it.