Brainwashed people and their bottomless worthlessness

I love you people and your shampoo smell, your shaved legs and faces, perfume that smells like toilets to hide your decaying stench from what you consume. You are utterly worthless and you know you are.

Your mind boggling cowardice and shallow confidence makes it easy for psychopaths to control you. But you don't see that, for you are already in a trance. The blissful hypnotic state of numbness and fake comfort. White coats rule your lives, as they experiment. They control everything you do, say and think, you are nothing.

You block your eyes with sunglasses, your ears with noise, everything you do is useless, and you are so afraid to die. Killing yourself while fearing death. You will never be happy until you die. Then you will realize that you have lived the life of others, serving their sick fantasies, while they fed on your soul.

Everything you eat is poison. You accept chemicals in your water, food and tooth paste, constant stress and disguised slavery. Yet you wonder why you get sick and fat. You get bored learning useful things, but thrive when you do something boring like going to work or watching TV. Did you forget your head?

You are obsessed with cleanliness but will take a dump and smear the feces all over your asses, stinking up the place while thinking you are so clean. It's disgusting, and you know you are.

Your fake pride keeps you from realizing the truth: you are wasting your life. You take your perverted reality and teach it to your children, spreading your mental sickness to everyone around you. You attack the ones who care, and flock with the likeminded, like drooling zombies or chickens without heads. Where are you going?