How the school system works

Even though there is only one discipline: knowledge, schools have divided knowledge into categories which becomes the sandbox you operate in when you attend. Anything outside of your direction is not relevant. You go to school to learn things you can not learn on your own yet all the teachers just recite books you could have read on your own or even better: questioned and criticized to pave way for new ideas. Anything outside the scope of the books is not relevant.

When you are examinated, the ones who most accurately can regurgitate whatever the teachers told them are awarded and destined for success. If you are remarkable at repeating information accurately, they might offer you a position as a teacher since you are likely to be precise when teaching others, leaving no room for creativity. Change is development, development is constantly creating, improving the now. Get rid of all those old ideas.

Now, in society, you are told as you grow up that you need to get and education and get a job. That is the road to success. So you get an education, which unfortunately comes with a cost, you do not get to learn a lot else, you pay money, and you don't get to earn a lot of money while you're at it. You are also confined locationwise since attendence often is required. But that'll be ok since you will make a lot of money and be smarter than everybody else when you finish.

The problem is that all the jobs are boring. You discover this when you stop learning from your job after a couple of months. You want new challenges and change jobs, never happy, going to the gym to be more efficient, working overtime, barely having time for yourself and your dreams while chasing it. Most of the jobs you can get are superfluous by definition. All jobs are fake because they're based on an economy which is fake. All jobs exist for the sole purpose of making money. Ever-increasing consumption is the goal so you get some time off. You are now a perfect consumer: sacrificing your life by using all your time and energy making money to buy stuff you don't need. You now have a student loan and a mortgage and maybe a car loan, up to your neck in debt, slaving to make ends meet.

So you drink, do drugs and chase girls. Read news, books, papers, watch movies, tv, do sports, surf the web, whatever, all within the confines of this self-constructed prison. Some people are really proud of their prisons and like showing them off. According to the what they tell you, no matter how you feel, you are a success. At this point, even if you get cancer, you are a success. You talk to yourself and repeat it, like a mantra: "You are a success, you are a success, you are not a failure". Stop tricking yourself, you're going nowhere and you've just wasted half your life. Change it now.