I notice

I notice. I notice how fake you are. How little you care. Change the frequency just a little, poof, and you're gone. Don't say hello, don't say goodbye. I don't care. You are desperate, what's going on. Rise up, don't blame me.

There is tension here. "Nice people". "Caring people". Watch how they're always selling you something while acting like they understand. "It's so brave of you to admit that you don't know what love is." It's just part of the act. I'm a customer. Period.

You don't know what love is, don't even pretend like you do. Disconnection, completely. I don't want to stay here. It's all an act.

Don't ask about the wrong things. They are all superficial. They don't care, they don't pick your brain, they think you're stupid, they pretend like they don't remember you. Greedy, nasty, pushing, wish you the worst. Asking you nothing to save time. Their time is more valuable. Of course.

All of them. All of them.