I've succumbed. Don't do anything in the evenings. Go out, eat poison, drink poison, meet people, talk about nothing, do nothing, no problems solved. Use other people to feel good. Pretend like you're listening. Don't ask questions, seize every opportunity to butt in. Disrupt them when they're being honest, feel better than them. Think better, be more. Success!

Go out, all of that, need love, no love. Go home, sleep bad, dream bad, bump head. Nothing really happened. Things move on. Don't think too much. Tired today, spent 2 hours grinding pepper. I deserve some unhealthy food. I deserve pity, maybe even an ice cream. Poor me. Did nothing.


Input: 1 day. Output: Nothing. Auxilliary effects: Bad health, slow head, consumation. Sell them things that are bad for them so that they remain bad. Do not let them see. Keep them distracted. Ching ching ching. Force them, without them knowing.

They will love it, get them addicted. Cure your addiction every day with addictive things. Enslave them. Govern their minds. Make them fear death, people and what they do. Make them fear being nothing while being it. Have them chase something that chases them. Chase yourself. Don't be yourself, be them. The others. Agents.

All of them are agents. Projecting the vibration of their rules, like drones. Cyborg-mechanism-systems. Navigate absurd breadcrumbs that might not even be there. What is this place? It's not a dream, but it's not real. Rather a real dream, I'm inside a dream machine.

Everything vibrates, this universe, stardom. Error correcting code. Self generated? Is this a gift?


Be something, belong to a category. Wear this, drink this, say think, go there, do that. Pretend even when you are alone. Stare into screens. You can be, but won't, but you'll spend your whole life trying.