Those who deserve it

No, you are the dark one. You suck my soul dry. You kill animals to feed even though you don't need to, and think nothing about it. You drink alcohol to relax. You bash anyone who don't think like you do, and refuse to change when you hear something new. You think you know everything when you know near to nothing. You believe in the good in humanity, but do nothing to break the chains. You don't even want to know what's really going on. Don't trick yourself.

I'm a "thinker", as opposed to a "non-thinker", like you? So in your world, thinking is a bad thing. That explains a lot. In your world, thinking differently is being close-minded. Don't you see how badly you've gone wrong?

You're not even going to look into propaganda, are you? Or anything else that I mentioned? I'm not the master of your world, you are. Everything I say can be perceived as something good and refreshing. Some of it is completely original and should be interesting, it is merely you who can't handle the truth.

I close myself to you and your kind and open up to those who deserve it.