Your chemical environment

  1. It's Friday. You wake up in an oxygen depleted room.
  2. You go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. The tooth paste contains fluoride and dozens of chemicals you don't know what is. The water you rinse with has chloride, sulphuric acid, aluminum sulphate, fluoride and other chemicals in it.
  3. You take a shower in the chemical water and use a shampoo that contains different kinds of alcohols and chemicals you don't know anything about. It's an insane cocktail of chemicals, you start wondering how they came up with them. You know it's not necessary.
  4. You dry yourself with a towel with chemical residue from washing it. You softener and detergent contains a flurry of chemicals.
  5. That reminds you that you need to wash your clothes. You add the chems to the clothes. When it's done you will flush all of the chemicals into the sewers. Who knows what happens to it there.
  6. You are hungry and want some food. You fry some bacon and eggs and a small side salad. The bacon is from a hormone treated pig that ate pesticide, genetically manipulated corn and literally rolled in its own shit every day. The pig drank tons of the chemical water coming from your tap. The pig was violently slaugthered in a blood dripping factory, chopped up, treated with conservation chems, packed in plastic and shipped from a central location to the rest of the country. The meat is highly radioactive and contains the stress hormones of the pig since it died while being tortured. The factory and the logistics spews fumes and chemicals into the environment. The egg comes from a chicken without wings and feet that live in a plastic tent never seeing daylight, on hormones, eating chemical corn. The salad is made from pesticide treated vegetables, genetically modified to withstand pest, weather and to look green long. The glass of orange juice you drink is from 2. grade oranges with added sugar made from concentrate. There are chemicals for color and taste in it.
  7. After breakfast it's time for some coffee. You prepare coffee using beans that have been grown using pesticides and then burned with the pesticide residue on them.
  8. You still have a headache and pop a pill someone told you was good. It consists of a range of chemicals you know nothing about. You also have the bad habit of smoking and deeply inhale smoke, and an incredible collection of chems like cyanide. The tobacco is grown in industrial areas and contain industry waste and heavy metals.
  9. You go out and take a deep breath of air. The air is thorougly polluted with fumes from cars, buses, airplanes, aircondition units, sewers and garbage. The air and the whole environment is radioactive and contains electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, wifi, radio and nuclear plant disasters around the world.

I could go on and on. Most of this was not in our environment a hundred years ago. Why do we get cancer?